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Quality Swimming Lessons are available in  South Wales. All lessons are run with fully qualified swimming teachers and under lifeguard supervision. Lessons cover a wide range of awards from The Swimming Teachers Association (STA) and The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) for all ages. Each class is limited to a maximum of 7 pupils for beginners classes so that each child has an opportunity to receive individual attention and instruction from the teacher. We aim to provide a safe and happy learning environment where children are supported and encouraged as they progress in their swimming ability.  

Swimming is one of the best recreational activities for fun and keeping fit and it's even better when you can swim proficiently. Learning to swim has never been easier and more fun with Children's Swimming Lessons us. With our swimming lessons costing only £6.00 for a 30 minute lesson (and £10.00 for an hour pre-competitive swimming class), now is the perfect time to learn to swim. Call us on 07876 240043 to book your swimming lessons...  Children will be in safe hands with fully qualified and experienced swimming instructors and lessons will be under lifeguard supervision. We take children from 3 years of age and you can book your child onto the swimming lessons waiting list from the age of 2 to start straight after their 3rd birthday. Our high standards ensure no more than seven pupils for a water confidence/beginner’s class and eight pupils in intermediate/advanced swimmer classes, enabling us to concentrate on each pupil’s development. Our teachers are in the water with the children in all confidence/beginner's classes, giving your children more confidence and allowing our teachers to help with your childs progress. We cover a wide range of awards from the two main govering bodies, the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) and the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). These awards cover everything from basic skills awards, distance awards, personal survival and even Pool Snorkelling Awards

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