Monmouth Girls School

Pool Information

Venue: Monmouth School for Girls

Address: Hereford Road, Monmouth NP25 5XT


Saturdays 11-1.30pm 

Saturdays 2-4.30pm

Sundays 11.30-1.30pm 

Sundays 2-3.30pm

(please contact us for exact time of lesson for your child)

Essential information:

  • A well-fitting happy nappy must be worn with a disposable swim nappy underneath if your child is not potty/toilet trained (please see Bubble Tots Happy Nappy Policy for further information).
  • There is no spetating during lessons except for viewing week where parents can view the last 20 minutes of the last lesson of each term. The pool has a strict Spectator Policy. Only two adult spectators per swimmer is permitted on poolside and they must remove outdoor footwear. 
  • No food is permitted on the poolside or in the changing rooms, please save your child’s snack until after you have left the pool.
  • Please remember that whilst it is fine to have your phones with you and to take photos in lesson time (be careful not to include other children/parents unless you have their permission). Please do not use your phones in the changing rooms.  

Parking: There is ample parking in the school grounds, but even though we are at the school on weekends, please be courteous and ensure you park within allocated spaces as the school is a boarding school and is still in use by boarders and also used for other events. Please ensure you wait in your car until 15 minutes before your lesson.

Changing rooms: There are separate male and female changing areas.  There are no lockers, so please avoid bringing valuables on site if possible. We will not accept liability for loss or damage to personal belongings left on site.

Arriving for Class: Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your class time is to start as space is limited in the pool area and changing facilities. If you are our first class of the day you may not be able to enter the building until 15 minutes before the lesson starts when our team are on site for safety reasons.

Technical information:

  • Pool temperature: 29-31°C
  • Poolside assistant: There is a lifeguard present provided by us
  • Pool Size: 25x13 metres
  • Depth: 0.9m graduating to 2.5m
  • Maximum class ratios: 6/7/8 children:1 teacher (depending on ability)